Why is Yo-Yo Ma so famous?

As we know, Yo-Yo Ma is the heir to the successful Mao Zedong-themed Yo-Yo brand The Cultural Yo-Yo Revolution(hence his name). Like the Walmart kids, he didn’t do anything to gain his fame, he was just born with it. His parents moved to Paris just a little bit before he was born so to escape … Read more

What are the best strategies and tips for filling out your March Madness bracket?

If your goal is to win: Rely on advanced models like KenPom [1], Sagarin [2], and Nate Silver’s rankings [3] to compare teams. Everyone has their pet heuristic (always pick an experience, defense wins championships, mid-majors are underrated, Duke will always win/choke–the list goes on), but the best data-driven methods consistently outperform everything else. Sometimes actual … Read more

What do you think about Billie Eilish?

A while back I was food shopping and I came across a chartreuse-haired wonder with dramatic black highlights and a don’t-****-with-me aura. She was elevated above the masses on some sort of platform boots, and her long green talons were wrapped around an orange like the Evil Queen clutching a poisoned apple. She raised the … Read more