What are 20 things that are not worth it?

Those guys who smoke ten cigarettes a day are also wearing masks due to air pollution in Delhi. Your mask is not worth it. Those who stay in a relationship with one and do sex with the second one and chase the third one. Your character and your loyalty aren’t worth it. Buying costly bikes … Read more

What has been your weirdest or most memorable Holi celebration?

My most memorable Holi experience was when I was interning in Switzerland 3 years ago. Holi is one of the most popular festivals in India. But few people know that Holi is very popular in Europe as well. There are many organizations that conduct the festival in different locations all over the year. I had … Read more

What are your best memories and stories of Holi?

I used to live in a small colony and at every festival, all the families of the colony used to come together and celebrate it like one big happy family. This particular Holi, we kids were busy winning the boys v/s girls fight of Holi in one corner of the playground. On the other side … Read more

What irritates you about the festival Holi? Why?

There are quite a few reasons I (and many others) dislike Holi. First of all, people take far too much liberty in the name of a festival. It turns out that Holi is a day to vent all the ill-will against someone you have had problems with. I have seen people get real rough on … Read more