What irritates you about the festival Holi? Why?

There are quite a few reasons I (and many others) dislike Holi.

  • First of all, people take far too much liberty in the name of a festival. It turns out that Holi is a day to vent all the ill-will against someone you have had problems with. I have seen people get real rough on Holi. The situation is worse for the women. People will throw water balloons just to eve tease them, and somehow, it is not to be seen as an act of molestation, which it is.
  • People get drunk and create a lot of nuisance. Now, I’m not against drinking at all, but there is hardly any excuse for doing what some people do, when inebriated.
  • Originally, Holi was celebrated with natural colors, made from flower extracts. What we have now are synthetic colors that even contain hazardous chemicals ( Tests reveal heavy metal content in Holi colors). These colors cling to the skin for as long as 15 days.
  • It is a messy affair. Also, March is not yet summertime in most parts of India. All Holi reminds me of is constant shivering, back when I used to play. (Of course, you can play dry Holi).
  • There is a stupid excuse for everything:┬áBura na mano, Holi hai. (┬áDon’t mind, it’s Holi).

Author: Gaurav Kumar
Source: Quora

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