Why do the poor have to die for lack of health insurance?

Have to? I’m sure you mean well, but the sincere version of this question is more like “What the wrong with America? Has it become a pseudo-oligarchy? Do they know what losers they look like to the rest of the world when their citizens can barely (and sometimes not) afford to stay healthy? Do they … Read more

Does health insurance cover psychological disorders?

The lockdown and the covid 19 impacts led to a significant rise in the number of reported cases of psychological disorders that required clinical interventions. IRDA the governing body for all the insurance companies in India has now made it mandatory for all the insurers to include, mental disorder issues, under the coverage scope of … Read more

Is idly truly the healthiest Indian breakfast?

Why Idlis Are The Best Breakfast Ever: Idli the customary South Indian breakfast is by and large seen as sugar-rich sustenance and numerous individuals see it in the weight-picking up nourishment classification. Before going into the points of interest of wholesome truths of why Idly needs to taken amid breakfast I might want to demand … Read more

What is the history behind Idli?

Idli- History:  Idli is a typical South Indian savory cake but very popular across the country. Most often eaten at breakfast or as a snack, Idlis are usually eaten with sauces and curries, sprinkled with spices, or eaten just as is. The discovery of this famous South Indian delicacy is ambiguous with both Karnataka and … Read more