Why do the poor have to die for lack of health insurance?

Have to? I’m sure you mean well, but the sincere version of this question is more like “What the wrong with America? Has it become a pseudo-oligarchy? Do they know what losers they look like to the rest of the world when their citizens can barely (and sometimes not) afford to stay healthy? Do they … Read more

Do millionaires have health insurance?

I assume this question is specific to the US because there is no reason anyone elsewhere in the world would not have access to insurance if they want it. Millionaires got that way by being sensible with money, which includes insuring catastrophic, unpredictable risks. Assuming we can define a millionaire as someone who has a … Read more

Should obese people pay higher health insurance rates?

The answer is yes, yes, yes. Of course, I support fairness. Something like this should be phased in somehow, but it must happen. Smoking, reckless driving, and stuff I am not thinking of right now. If we can measure it, we can put a price on it. There is the issue of fairness. Others should … Read more

Does health insurance cover psychological disorders?

The lockdown and the covid 19 impacts led to a significant rise in the number of reported cases of psychological disorders that required clinical interventions. IRDA the governing body for all the insurance companies in India has now made it mandatory for all the insurers to include, mental disorder issues, under the coverage scope of … Read more