What are some things that people should stop chasing after in life?

Sex without love: Why? Because it corrupts your mind for meager pleasures. Sex is just like a drug. It gives you false hope of pleasure whereas real pleasure is in a deep trance of love. People may think of it as old-fashioned and ‘down market’ but ONLY those who have the eyes to see and … Read more

How did you spend your 20s, and what do you regret not doing in your 20s? What are some tips for someone in their 20s?

Had part-time jobs Quit business school Went to university but changed my major Emigrated I don’t regret most of my decisions as I could only make the decisions based on the information I had at the time, But my tips for anybody in their 20s would be: My advice would be to know the facts … Read more

What are some psychological facts about one-sided love?

Positive facts: One-sided love – the giving love. It’s basically unconditional love. You become a fantastic dreamer. You might not even talk to them in real, but in your imagination, what to say!!! Important one it’s not expensive. People who spend hundreds of dollars in relationships at the end fall apart. You develop loyalty, which you may use … Read more

Why are reality television shows like Sister Wives allowed to air?

“Allowed to air”? Who would prevent them? Not the government — First Amendment and all that. And it’s on a cable channel not regulated by the FCC. Not The Learning Channel — The program has found an audience big enough to keep it going. Not the sponsors of the program — They are satisfied with … Read more