Will your insurance go up if someone hits your parked car? What happens if an insurance company refuses to pay a claim?

This will depend on your policy. If you receive a discount for not having any claims, then yes your insurance would increase for filing a claim like this even though it was no fault of yours. This type of claim is filed under your uninsured motorist coverage. Make sure it is paid under this coverage … Read more

How do I save on car insurance?

There are a number of things you cannot change. Being older is a massive benefit. Having no claims in the last seven years is huge too. But there are some things you can do: Have a cheaper, low-power car, under 1L. Preferably a common make and model, so that repair costs are lower. Not too … Read more

Can you rent a car without owning car insurance?

Yes, you can rent a car without owning car insurance. You will just have to buy temporary insurance in order to rent the vehicle. There are 3 ways to obtain rental car insurance: If you rent vehicles frequently you can buy a non-owners policy; (rates can be compared on sites like¬†Insurify.com) From the rental car … Read more

Will rental insurance claims affect personal insurance?

In the example you provide, chances are high that the claim will not affect your personal auto insurance. Typically there are three ways that an insurance company would learn about this occurrence: Subrogation:¬†The car rental company seeks to subrogate (or seek reimbursement) from your personal auto insurance. I would rate this as unlikely in your … Read more