Do all full-time jobs have to offer health insurance?

No. Absolutely not! Health insurance was traditionally never offered as terms of employment. During WW-II or thereabouts there were wage and price controls and so to entice people to come and work for you, employers offered health insurance. In those days it only cost a few bucks and never had to cover these end-of-life expenses … Read more

Why do the poor have to die for lack of health insurance?

Have to? I’m sure you mean well, but the sincere version of this question is more like “What the wrong with America? Has it become a pseudo-oligarchy? Do they know what losers they look like to the rest of the world when their citizens can barely (and sometimes not) afford to stay healthy? Do they … Read more

Since the UK has National Health Service, do they sell health insurance?

No. The NHS is single-provider health care, although we do have private hospitals and private health insurance for those hospitals. In small quantities, they make the NHS even better. Health insurance is what Canada and France have, Single-payer systems except that in both France and Canada there is “co-pay” just like in any insurance scheme. … Read more

Do millionaires have health insurance?

I assume this question is specific to the US because there is no reason anyone elsewhere in the world would not have access to insurance if they want it. Millionaires got that way by being sensible with money, which includes insuring catastrophic, unpredictable risks. Assuming we can define a millionaire as someone who has a … Read more