Do all full-time jobs have to offer health insurance?

No. Absolutely not!

Health insurance was traditionally never offered as terms of employment. During WW-II or thereabouts there were wage and price controls and so to entice people to come and work for you, employers offered health insurance.

In those days it only cost a few bucks and never had to cover these end-of-life expenses that we now face. A visit to the doctor was about $25.00.

Eventually, prices went up and the number of medical specialists skyrocketed. Now everybody had to see a specialist, and you would be lucky to get out of the doctor’s office with a $250.00 bill. And Health Insurance now costs $700.00 a month. You can see why some employers are trying to ditch it.

‘But unions like the benefit and want to keep it. Figure $7000,00 per year per employee.

So if I was earning $60,000, per year the employer would actually be paying $67,000 per year. Maybe he would pay that extra since I am clearly worth more than that if he can coax me out of retirement. But for someone who is earning sy $31,200/yr, that price might be too much. And now people want $15.00 an hour to work?!!

Well that *is* chicken feed and I would want at least twice that much or more, and out here in ND, the min wage might be $7.50 / hr, but if you are not paying at least $16.00 workers are going to go elsewhere.

So cut the insurance, and let Obama Care pick up the difference, that IS what the demon-crapps wanted, isn’t it?

Source: Quora
Author: Elias Thienpont

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