Can you put insurance on a rental car?

Liability coverage: Yes. If you have a personal car, your liability insurance will cover the rental car also. The rental company also has liability insurance, usually statutory minimum liability limits, which is insufficient to really protect you. The rental contract makes your own insurance primary. If you don’t have insurance, the rental company’s policy is … Read more

Is rental car insurance worth it?

As an insurance broker and underwriter for over 20+, I believe it is absolutely worth buying the VEHICLE PHYSICAL DAMAGE (VPD) coverage if you already have your own personal auto liability policy. WHY? 1.) Because if you are in an auto accident you do not have to pay the deductible required by your car insurance carrier … Read more

What’s the best car rental insurance option for someone without any coverage?

This answer covers the EASIEST and BEST solution for someone without any coverage. Without planning ahead, the Easiest solution may BE the Best solution. EASIEST SOLUTION: Buy ALL THREE major insurance options that most rental car companies offer when you sign their contract: Damage Waiver Sometimes called Physical Damage Waiver, Collision Damage Waiver. Loss Damage … Read more

How do I find car rental insurance?

You may already have it with your credit card. Check with customer service and ask if that benefit is included with your card. If your credit card does not offer it, you can usually purchase extra coverage from the rental agency. Just be prepared for a high cost. If your regular car insurance doesn’t cover … Read more