What’s a practical piece of advice for people under 30?

Love is the most important thing to deal with. It either makes or breaks your heart especially between 23 to 27 since most of the girls get married in that period. It’s fine if your partner is with you but if not, learn to move on quickly and never link love with career. This is … Read more

What are some things that people should stop chasing after in life?

Sex without love: Why? Because it corrupts your mind for meager pleasures. Sex is just like a drug. It gives you false hope of pleasure whereas real pleasure is in a deep trance of love. People may think of it as old-fashioned and ‘down market’ but ONLY those who have the eyes to see and … Read more

What are the 10 best things you have done in your life?

1.I’ve never applied makeup or any other cosmetic product to my skin my entire life. I tried applying lipstick once and ended up washing my face right away because it made me feel extremely uncomfortable as if I was wearing a mask. Instead, I’ve chosen to feel confident in my own skin. 2. I remained perseverant throughout … Read more

Which 10 things we should never do?

Here are 10 things we should never do Never run away from your sufferings. Sufferings, disappointments, betrayals are a significant part of your life. Feel it. Embrace it. Fight through it. Don’t use alcohol or drugs as a means of escaping from it. Running away from your problems won’t solve them. Don’t assume things based on … Read more