What’s a practical piece of advice for people under 30?

  1. Love is the most important thing to deal with. It either makes or breaks your heart especially between 23 to 27 since most of the girls get married in that period. It’s fine if your partner is with you but if not, learn to move on quickly and never link love with career. This is because you’ll loose crucial 1 or 2 years of time to get set from the disturbance. Your life depends on your decisions taken between 25–30. So, beware.
  2. People who are jobless and trying really hard to get one (Govt job aspirants more specifically) are the ones who get depressed quite often. Yes, disappointment can’t be avoided but it shouldn’t mislead you to take extreme decisions. Remember only one thing “Nothing is permanent” There’s a day in future where you can feel proud about yourself.
  3. 25 is the best age to risk. You’re mature enough to take decisions. If there’s any confusion in choosing a career path, no worries continue with a job. You have still some time left. There’s a point where you realize what’s good for you.
  4. Marriage is completely individuals choice. To settle in life is important but to get things done well in time is also important. Remember “if marriage is late every thing followed is also late”. So, when you think you’re ready get married and make sure to get locked before 30 ( My preference though)
  5. Make sure you’re not marrying someone with big age gap. I feel your sex life gets affected if the gap is more. Anything above 5 years is not advisable.
  6. If you’re not bound with financial responsibility experiment with your career as many times as you can. This will help in long term. If you have such responsibility don’t risk too much this might worsen your condition.
  7. After securing a job persons somehow develop a fake personality within. Though people won’t agree this happens and you can’t help it. My suggestion is to keep an eye on that other person within you and make sure you’re not completely eaten up by that. Remember there are your friends who know you since years. Don’t show attitude towards them.
  8. Smoking, booze are personal choices. I won’t ask someone to stop them but they shouldn’t be a trouble to others. Anything is acceptable till you don’t become an addict.
  9. Social awareness and civic sense is something you should develop if you don’t have it previously. Because you’re big enough society expects some responsibility from you. Obeying traffic rules, not honking unnecessarily are basic things which shows you have some civic sense. Avoiding wastage of water, switching off electrical appliances when not in use are basic things which shows you are socially responsible. These are needed and can be implemented easily. Social service is again a personal choice. It’s your money and time and you decide how to utilise it.
  10. Food habits. You should be aware about your food routine. If you’re not diabetes and high blood pressure might attack you soon.
  11. Loans restrict your financial freedom. Unless you’re earning in lakhs don’t go for loans. They’ll compromise your spending power. Don’t let loans rule you for years.
  12. If at all you’re in a situation to borrow money something is not right and you should check yourself. If there’s no other option better you borrow from your parents than friends. Money is injurious to relationships. Don’t let it ruin trust.
  13. Get to meet your college and school friends at least once in a year. Those are the only moments where you can be yourself.
  14. Savings are important. Do save something. Not many will help you in times of need.
  15. Don’t be fancy in spending. Only buy things which you can afford. Financial discipline is required.


Author: Harish
Source: Quora

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