What are the common traits of highly intelligent people?

17 SIGNS OF HIGHLY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE: They have few friends: They might have a lot of acquaintances, but they are careful to choose friends who are at their level of intelligence. They hate small talk: They prefer deep and thoughtful conversations instead of talking about the weather or the last trend. They are good listeners … Read more

What’s a practical piece of advice for people under 30?

Love is the most important thing to deal with. It either makes or breaks your heart especially between 23 to 27 since most of the girls get married in that period. It’s fine if your partner is with you but if not, learn to move on quickly and never link love with career. This is … Read more

What 10 things have you stopped doing in your life?

I have stopped watching the news/reading the newspaper. Filled with negativity and plays a big role in forming negative thoughts. It’s a conscious decision to stay away from the news completely. Awareness about world events are hidden gems in beautiful articles online and not the media. No breakfast, 2 meals a day and that has been such … Read more

What 10 things have you stopped doing in your life?

Well, life has been a great teacher, though I have been a slow student as it took me fifty years to decode many things which in the daily race of earning the bread I could not decode. Nevertheless better late than never. I share to facilitate the young minds to the early lessons. In this … Read more