What 10 things have you stopped doing in your life?

  1. I have stopped watching the news/reading the newspaper. Filled with negativity and plays a big role in forming negative thoughts. It’s a conscious decision to stay away from the news completely. Awareness about world events are hidden gems in beautiful articles online and not the media.
  2. No breakfast, 2 meals a day and that has been such a blessing. Intermittent fasting is already and going to be a world phenomenon. One of the best life-long habits one can form. Try it to believe it
  3. I’ve completely stopped consuming alcohol. Not even occasionally. It’s a pact. I hardly used to but now it’s 0. Need no vices for happiness. Smoking was never even a consideration.
  4. No TV for me, no conscious effort, it’s just something which has happened organically. I’m 20 years old and my generation is called the CORD-CUTTERS (cutting the cords of televeision) and the upcoming generation would be CORD-NEVERS (never seen television, directly came to phones and laptops). An inevitable change the future will see.
  5. Cutting-off my naysayer friends for my mind to be healthy, positive and productive. You become like your friends and that’s the bitter truth of life. The most important choice to become the person you always knew you would be. You attract your own energy. The right friends will come your way.
  6. Cutting-off non-vegetarian food. For the first 19 years of my life, I have enjoyed all kinds of non-vegetarian food. After I turned 20, because of my meditations, reading and watching a particular kind of content, my body rejected meat and all kinds of non-vegetarian food. Since then, I never wished to go back. I did crave butter chicken once or twice and that was it. No more. My body feels light and more focused, it’s been a great decision.
  7. I’ve stopped watching any kind of pornography, just another vice to fill in the dopamine void. Also, the aggressive nature of it makes it worse.
  8. No/less processed food, the lockdown has been a blessing, it has lead to clear skin, less laziness and reduced fat. I wish to continue my newly formed healthy eating habits even after the Covid situation is settled.
  9. I’ve consiously stopped pleasing people just in the order to be in their good books. Chasing real meaningful collaborations and relationships has been my biggest quarantine learning.
  10. I’ve stopped judging people’s faith since I realised I have my own. I’ve started believing in the Indian tradition and Ayurveda a lot more. The modern science is based on research, however many spiritual learnings have yet not been proved, but they are true and accurate.

Hope this helps whoever is reading this. Have a beautiful day ahead 🙂

Author: Sanjana Aswani
Source: Quora

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