What are 10 things that you should definitely do before turning 30?

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I have a bad habit of throwing myself into unchartered waters due to which I have learned immensely from life. I have also realized what more I must learn to accomplish great success.

13 things to learn before 30

  1. Travel to a foreign country at least once on your own, live with the locals, and share meals with them. You will gain a different perspective towards life, amazing insights, and observation skills.
  2. Your mind is a monkey, jumping from one thought to another. To make that monkey focused, meditate at least 3 minutes a day where your complete focus is on your breathing.
  3. When you read books or any insightful articles, try to apply what the book preaches and the article states. This way if you apply what you read, you will be able to retain all the juicy knowledge from the book. Otherwise, it’s just intellectual entertainment and nothing else.
  4. Focus on academics, grades may not assure you success, but they will for sure open many golden gates in the initial time of your career.
  5. Don’t chase girls during your teens, I know our hormones are burning with desire, but in these years if you want to chase anything then chase your personal growth. The right girl will eventually come into your life.
  6. Introvert or shy, doesn’t matter. Throw yourself in uncomfortable social situations, learn to make good small talk and conversations, build a strong network. In today’s time *Network is Networth*.
  7. Involve yourselves in College or office politics! Yes, you heard it right. You will either get hit hard or you will thrive in it. But you will definitely learn a lot about how political systems work within an ecosystem and how in the future you can leverage them. Remember, there is only 1 CEO, to become that you also must be a master politician along with an excellent leader.
  8. Depression, Anxiety, and sadness are different things, don’t use them as substitutes for each other. But if you face any of them, seek professional help asap. There is no shame in seeking help to fight your inner demons.
  9. *Jack of all trades and Master of One* this is the mantra to success in today’s time. Know a little about everything and be an expert in one domain. This will help you expand your knowledge and skillset eventually helping you efficiently thrive at diverse organizational roles and career tracks.
  10. Give back to society. Karma may be a bitch, but trust me if you do even a little good for others, life does a lot of good for you! In your personal capacity try to impact at least 1 life and help uplift that one life into a better standard of living.
  11. Learn an instrument, the work-life balance is getting worse day by day. Playing an instrument will help you reduce stress and also help you gain focus and calm your chaotic and cluttered mind.
  12. Invest time and effort in building relationships and friendships. The friends you make between 18–25 are the ones who will remain with you for life. Work, family, etc all these things will consume you, but your friends will be your escapade once you cross 30.
  13. “You become like the people and environment you surround yourself with”. It’s amazing to have a huge social circle and larger-than-life social life, but the inner circle must have people with are driven, passionate and goal-oriented. Your close circle must the of the people smarter and brighter than you, who you aspire to be like one day. They will indirectly be your driving force leading you towards success.

Author: Yash Dandavate
Source: Quora

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