Can you rent a car without owning car insurance?

Yes, you can rent a car without owning car insurance. You will just have to buy temporary insurance in order to rent the vehicle. There are 3 ways to obtain rental car insurance: If you rent vehicles frequently you can buy a non-owners policy; (rates can be compared on sites like From the rental car … Read more

Will rental insurance claims affect personal insurance?

In the example you provide, chances are high that the claim will not affect your personal auto insurance. Typically there are three ways that an insurance company would learn about this occurrence: Subrogation: The car rental company seeks to subrogate (or seek reimbursement) from your personal auto insurance. I would rate this as unlikely in your … Read more

Should I buy insurance from the car rental company?

I suppose your need for a rental car has already come and gone, but I’ll toss my hat of knowledge into the ring for your future rentals or for others who have the same question. The first thing to note: you mention being new at driving. It’s important to note that most car rental companies … Read more

Do I need to buy collision insurance for a rental car if I have auto insurance?

No. You don’t need to buy collision insurance (called: Collision Damage Waiver, Loss Damage Waiver) for a rental car when you have auto insurance. But, it might be wise if you did. Read on for more information. Contact your Agent/Company Representative: If your auto insurance includes Comprehensive and Collision coverage it is likely your rental car will be covered for physical damage. Every … Read more