Which 10 things we should never do?

Here are 10 things we should never do

  • Never run away from your sufferings. Sufferings, disappointments, betrayals are a significant part of your life. Feel it. Embrace it. Fight through it. Don’t use alcohol or drugs as a means of escaping from it. Running away from your problems won’t solve them.
  • Don’t assume things based on the wobbly ground. Make assumptions based on solid facts and clear and concise observations. Making false assumptions will only make you look like a fool. If you are unsure whether a person likes you or not, just fucking ask them. “Hey, I was wondering if there is some sort of romantic chemistry between us or not”. That’s it. You’ll get your answer. This is just one of many examples.
  • Never forget about your parents. You are capable of reading and comprehending this answer because your parents taught you how to read. They helped you build your life. Never ever forget the hardships and sufferings your parents went through in order to raise you. And most of all, never ever forget that your parents want you to be happy.
  • Never trust someone again who has lied to you before. Follow this rule and you’ll be saved from many, many betrayals. If the person has lied to you even on small things, he/she is very much capable of lying to you on big, more important things as well. You can respect the person. You can be great friends with the person. But, just don’t trust them. Name them as the unpredictables.
  • Never cheat on someone. This world has come to a point where extramarital affairs and cheating is becoming a norm. Please, don’t cheat. It ruins lives. Protip: If someone cheats on you, just give them a silent treatment and leave them. Don’t be aggressive or curse the person. Trust me, the silent treatment kills the person emotionally.
  • Never provide the explanation for a ‘No’. Don’t provide an explanation of something you have said ‘No’ to. It only gives other people a chance to find the loopholes in the explanation and use them against you. Just say the plain ‘No’ and get the hell out.
  • Never envy others. You are hurting yourself by envying others. They have their own life pattern. You have your own. They have their own karmic backlog. You have your own. Don’t compare your life to others. You are you. You are different. Envying others will only stray you from your own true path.
  • Never be too honest. Honesty isn’t the best policy anymore. Sometimes, you have to become satan from a saint for the good of another person. I don’t like people who boast about being “ brutally honest” and say anything they want at any time. Even if their words/actions cause the other person to literally drown himself in utter shame and disappointment. You are being rude. You are being mean. Just because you’re transparent from the inside out doesn’t mean you are pure.
  • Never send your children (especially small children) to another person’s house just because they have “promised” to take care of your children while you’re busy fixing your own lives. You never know what the true intentions of these people are. You are the best caretakers of your children doesn’t matter how much busy you are in your lives. Never leave your children alone. Read the horrific case of Sylvia Likens and you will know what I’m warning you about.
  • And lastly. Never forget you’re gonna die someday. All this love, money, fame, possessions, will be taken away from you. Poof. You are gone. It is finished. Over. By keeping this mind that your days are numbered, it will help focus you on your goals and ambitions. There is an Indian movie called Dasvidaniya. It portrays the story of a man who is in the mid-30s. One day he discovers that he has cancer and has only a few months to live. So he makes a list of all things that he wanted to do in life and he followed the list till the day he died. It’s a very emotional movie. So, you can too make a list of all the things that you want to do. Make it. Plan it. Do it.


Author: Zeeshan Mushtaq
Source: Quora

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