What 10 things have you stopped doing in your life?

Well, life has been a great teacher, though I have been a slow student as it took me fifty years to decode many things which in the daily race of earning the bread I could not decode. Nevertheless better late than never. I share to facilitate the young minds to the early lessons.

  1. In this over the populous world, I have stopped debating my rights – I have realized my duties are the seeds who mayflower to good plants, provided the weather remains good and they ( the next generation and my friends ) do get some time for me as this wild race of survival seems to be catching pace with the breath, that is but mandatory for existence. I don’t want to join the crowd which talks about their rights, I would rather be happy with no such enforced rights as I know now it never ever happens by force, but naturally flow from someone or the other to whom I have been genuine, though not all of course.
  2. I have stopped questioning what and why others do? – For I have decided that life is all about your KARMA ( the deeds one does – the good ones and the bad ones does come back to you in some shape or the other), so I better keep my eyes on the road as I drive, that keeps working best till I can and cherish my efforts as the best sensation for my heart. So I have stopped procrastinating and resting more than the minimum.
  3. I have stopped expecting even a minuscule for the ones whom I served, as most of them, I had placed too close, causing them not to perceive what I did, as the doctors say you can only see when you are at a reasonable distance and close people hardly get to see, as the vision gets blurred in close quarters. For the very distanced, expectation of any kind stands out of the question as they are too far, only a few who are reasonably distanced with an open eye can judge how one endeavour.
  4. I have stopped caring incessantly and learned well that – ” silence is golden and one must not advise or correct people whom he knows for long, for they who are not eager to correct, would never correct themselves, and more so they would have corrected themselves if they would have valued the opinions. More importantly in this age of the internet, everyone is wiser than everyone, so correction is impossible, rather not needed. I embrace most heartily what Swami Vivekanand said yeas ago – ” Don’t educate a foolish. ” In my view the ones who are not good listeners or observers are foolish and suggestions to them are wasting one’s effort, that maybe someone very close or far from you.
  5. I have stopped worrying about what will happen after my demise? As I have learned no one is indispensable, like everyone I too will pass away and after a short time people will accommodate my absence better than I imagine, so if I think, the world will come to a stop after my demise – yes it will, only for me not for others, they will move on and they should.
  6. I have stopped making efforts to please, appease or placate incessantly, for those who do not value humanity and humility will live in their own arrogance and projectively call you arrogant. The people who are true from the heart will understand you and not throw tantrums or mislead others in decoding you. The manipulative chameleons are used to their habit of changing colors it’s inbuilt so pleasing & appeasing only spoils their habit and multiplies their eccentricity.
  7. I have stopped pursuing a material acquisition, for I know now, what matters is you being the best in your field of action, as your excellence will be a magnet to resources, so you better pursue your excellence as it is this credential that will be valued in gold, more than you can imagine. Life follows two rules – demand and supply, less the supply ( that is if rare is your excellence – more it will be valued. I often love to make children, old people, needy destitute happy with whatever little I can for the smile I receive in favor is captivating and worth it all. I like to thank and express gratitude to many by my acts, to those who did small acts of care and kindness in the past and present, and would like to keep a watch, so that I don’t miss out on returning my obligations before my last breath.
  8. I have stopped inhibiting myself from expressing myself – for I feel if you don’t express nobody gets to know, that they are many stage walkers who may take away all your credit their way and many plagiarists who may subdue your confidence, yet copy your work and walk away with whatever little glory your work deserves. So always put to stage your potentials, as the incapable has all the time to conspire and manipulate your credit as theirs, plus regularly sung wrong claims – blinds wisdom to wrongly identify the one who truly deserves.
  9. I have stopped pursuing anything excessively as to me excess of anything, right from money to love ( that transforms to obsession ) is poison. I realize that life is all about a very healthy balance and so it must be, blended colors to brighten the panorama. The wise and erudite have rightly emphasized in their sermons- attachment comes from excessive perusal not a disciplined and healthy diet with all nutrients in the right ratio. I advocate not to go crazy after a beautiful woman, a handsome hunk, status symbolic car or bungalow, etc. Cause what matters is a healthy blend of happiness which comes from different shades embraced as it arrives.
  10. I have partially stopped catering to other’s needs only and began giving time to my pleasurable activities and that has helped me to be happy within myself, in contradiction to. What I did earlier, serving happiness to ungrateful many and thereafter unnecessarily feeling sad on wasting time, I guess I must work more for the grateful ones who appreciates both in front and back, not that I must not do my minimum duty to other ones as well but shift the ratio. Give time to be as well defined in terms of exercise, hobby perusal, spending time with people having the same bandwidth instead of scrolling endlessly for frequency. So that along with discharging my duty I am at peace with myself and not what an entrapped soul turns to – a frustrated survivor, life is a gift of God as a journey to celebrate not mourn in the world rich with hypocrites and brutally self-obsessed Narcissist.

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God bless you all.

Author: Arun K Shukla
Source: Quora

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