How did you spend your 20s, and what do you regret not doing in your 20s? What are some tips for someone in their 20s?

  • Had part-time jobs
  • Quit business school
  • Went to university but changed my major
  • Emigrated

I don’t regret most of my decisions as I could only make the decisions based on the information I had at the time, But my tips for anybody in their 20s would be:

My advice would be to know the facts on personal finance and in particular:

  1. Get a formal education – I couldn’t have emigrated easily without it. It will open up many doors.

2. But we skeptical about post-graduate – it often doesn’t make sense unless you have a specific goal in mind.

3. Read the evidence on investing – including this book and others

4. Implement the evidence – with self-control

5. In particular, watch your spending habits – the lady below was worth $6M when she died.

6. Never try to time markets – markets went from 30 before 1900 to 26,600 in January but the ride isn’t smooth. Don’t fear short-term volatility.

7. Don’t care about (most people) – they aren’t thinking about you anyway.

8. Learn sales – if you combine sales with a technical skill like medicine, engineering or whatever, it pays. I recommend the classic below.

9. Learn to scale – the internet is a great threat and opportunity in business. There are millions of patients, students and clients out there. Go and try to find them.

10. Watch your health – it is your wealth

11. Don’t fear rejection – nobody is watching or cares anyway re the Churchill quotes and every no is a step closer to a yes.

12. Care about your family – before it is too late

13. You can become financially free on a middle-income – if you implement the evidence you have read

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Author: Adam Fayed
Source: Quora

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