Why do the poor have to die for lack of health insurance?

Have to?

I’m sure you mean well, but the sincere version of this question is more like

“What the wrong with America? Has it become a pseudo-oligarchy? Do they know what losers they look like to the rest of the world when their citizens can barely (and sometimes not) afford to stay healthy? Do they like when kids beg for money on GoFundme to save their parent’s lives? What is that!!!!!?????

I’m reminded of the Roger Waters tune Home:

When the cowboys and Arabs draw down

On each other at noon

in the cool dusty air of the

city boardroom

Will you stand by, a passive spectator

of the market dictators?

Will you discreetly withdraw with your ear pressed

to the boardroom door?

Will you hear when the Lion within you Roars?

Will you take to the hills?

Source: Quora

Author: Jason Frost

Dementia Care Practitioner

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