Why are reality television shows like Sister Wives allowed to air?

“Allowed to air”?

Who would prevent them?

Not the government — First Amendment and all that. And it’s on a cable channel not regulated by the FCC.

Not The Learning Channel — The program has found an audience big enough to keep it going.

Not the sponsors of the program — They are satisfied with the audience it attracts.

Not the viewers — Most television viewers don’t watch this program, but enough do to keep it on the air.

“Positive spin on the absurd.”

Between cable and the Internet it is now possible to realize that there are people who enjoy other coupling arrangements than just one mommy and one daddy who marry for life and stay together until they divorce, giving us then one mommy and no daddy or one daddy and no mommy or two mommies, one daddy and more sibs, etc.

Puritan America is finally being forced to grow up sexually. Those who believe in the myth of only one mommy and one daddy for life may find other arrangements absurd (or frightening, immoral, nasty, unnatural, yada, yada yada) but that does not make it so.

I have lived one mommy and one daddy for life in my home of origin, my present marriage, and observed it in the marriages of my children. But I am fully cognizant of other arrangements and support the right of people to find the one that suits them best.

Author: Barry Hampe
Source: Quora

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