What are some psychological facts about one-sided love?

Positive facts:

  1. One-sided love – the giving love. It’s basically unconditional love.
  2. You become a fantastic dreamer. You might not even talk to them in real, but in your imagination, what to say!!!
  3. Important one it’s not expensive. People who spend hundreds of dollars in relationships at the end fall apart.
  4. You develop loyalty, which you may use in your future relationship.
  5. You have fewer expectations which are good in other parts of life on growing up.
  6. You‘re protected from potential heartbreak. There is no cheating or betrayal.
  7. It makes you an emotionally strong individual in the end.

Negative facts:

  1. You can’t control someone’s feelings except yourself.
  2. It hurts when they don’t return the feeling as we do. And it hurts like hell.
  3. It is basically an unhealthy relationship practice once continued even on knowing it won’t work out.
  4. It might bring serious mental issues to you if you don’t know when to leave it.
  5. It is a war between your mind and heart, where your heart always loses mostly.

Whatever the case, accept that only when two people are ready it’s called a relationship. Improve yourself so that there will be numerous amount of partners waiting for you in near future.

Author: Kiruthiga Gunasekaran
Source: Quora

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