What are 10 things that you should definitely do before turning 30?

1. Learn Cooking: This is for both genders. Learn the basics of cooking, like boiling milk, preparing tea and coffee, cooking rice and dal ( Indian ), making sandwiches, noodles, and pizza ( you can get the pizza base from the market). If possible, learn to prepare some more dishes too, like making Rotis, kheer ( Indian ), etc. Believe me, it’ll help you in the long run!

2. Learn to save money: To save money, you should learn to prepare a budget first and add the amount you want to save every month, to it. Open a recurring deposit, as soon as you start earning!

3. Learn to enjoy life: There’ll be ups and downs in everyone’s life. But getting upset over some unsavory incidents and spoiling your mood is just not advisable. Take everything with a positive attitude and try to live life to the fullest!

4.Become a mature person: Be a mature person and calmly handle tough situations.

5.Keep yourself fit: Before reaching 30, you should be having a regular exercise regime. The more you’re sincere in your attempt, the more fit you’ll become!

6.Healthy Eating: Exercise alone is not sufficient. It should be accompanied by a healthy diet, to get the expected results!

7.Buy a house for you: Use your savings to purchase an apartment for your own. You can ask for some amount from your parents if they could afford it and repay them gradually!

8.Find a suitable Life Partner: You may be enjoying your single life now, but you certainly need a partner, who’ll understand you and stand by you at times of crisis, later in life!

9.Learn music and /or any sport: These activities would be of immense help, whenever you’re under pressure or depressed!

10.Travelling: Travel to the places of your interest, all alone. Study the places and the people living there. Make a note of them in a small notebook. Mark the places that are worth visiting more than once and take your life partner there, when/if you get one!

Author: Malini Rajendra
Source: Quora

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