Which 10 things we should never do?

  • Never date someone for just having sex.
    • To all those 18+ guys who wanna date a 16 years old girl; date her, love her, make her smile but please don’t spoil her. It’s her growing stage and just don’t date her because you want to have sex with a virgin girl.
  • Never fall in love with someone who’s still not over his/her ex.
    • It will act like a slow poison that will lead you to a silent death of your soul.
    • Very rare chances are there that he/she might overcome the memories of his/her ex but it’s 100% sure that you will get hurt in all these.
  • Never feel ashamed of your parents if they are illiterate or don’t know something.
    • If two illiterate people can raise an educated child like you, then imagine how capable they are.
    • They taught you how to walk on your legs so it’s your responsibility now to teach them how to walk and cope up in this era of modern life.
  • Never choose love over career.
    • Between love and career, you chose to love. And then you both can sit on the footpath, holding hands, carrying a begging bowl. Sounds romantic? Exactly, now choose a career and shut the else.
  • Never boast too much of yourself.
    • How the hell can you feel the pride in yourself if you can’t even pick up your own body after your death and need the help of someone else for lifting it.
  • Never demean someone due to their caste or color.
    • You ask the caste of a person before marriages and you ask the caste of a person before entering into certain temples; then why don’t you ask the caste of that person whose bottle of blood is consumed by you in the hospitals when required.
  • Never always be honest and straightforward.
    • Straight trees are chosen to be cut first while honest people are meant to be screwed first.
  • Never underestimate failure.
    • The only failure gives you the proper perspective of success.
  • Never tease someone for their physical appearance.
    • So what if she’s fat, she doesn’t feed on your father’s money.
    • So what if he has a dark complexion, his heart might be brighter than yours.
  • Never always try to explain people.
    • They will only believe what they want to.
    • Life becomes much simpler when you stop explaining yourself to people and just do what works for you.

Author: Adarsh Gupta
Source: Quora

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