Should obese people pay higher health insurance rates?

The answer is yes, yes, yes. Of course, I support fairness.

Something like this should be phased in somehow, but it must happen. Smoking, reckless driving, and stuff I am not thinking of right now. If we can measure it, we can put a price on it.

There is the issue of fairness. Others should not have to pay for your costs. And, more importantly, we need the money. Medicare costs are out of control. National health care spending is out of control.

Much needs to be done, in many areas, but costs need to be distributed fairly. And, don’t get me started, resource use and waste production are going to produce bills. No free lunch.

Not to be mean about it, but common sense has failed us. You might think concern for the common good would make a difference, but not so much.

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Author: Greg Streib

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