What are your best memories and stories of Holi?

I used to live in a small colony and at every festival, all the families of the colony used to come together and celebrate it like one big happy family.

This particular Holi, we kids were busy winning the boys v/s girls fight of Holi in one corner of the playground. On the other side of the ground, all the parents were having fun and they started distributing the Holi snacks. Children got all the sweets n samosas but we realized we didn’t the white-colored drink that the elders were having (we were really young! We didn’t know it was thandai). So we started protesting. But in the end, elders won and they sent us back to our corner to play.
So we went away and got busy with ourselves.

Fast forward one hour- All the parents started saying they aren’t feeling well and went home. We followed in half an hour or so.
The scene that awaited each of us kids back home was bizarre! All the parents were literally drunk (the person who prepared the thandai had no idea about the quantity of bhaang used in thandai and ended up using at least 10 times more quantity than normal).

Some parents stood on the gates staring at nothing. Some started blabbering things like ‘go get your towel from the inside of a well’ (that didn’t exist). Some refused to recognize their wives. My mom just went to bed and said nothing for the next two days.

It was hilarious for us!!! All the kids of the colony suddenly had no parental restriction and we were just roaming around the whole day because we had no one to scold us!!! No one realized it’s a serious situation. We just exchanged stories of what madness our parents were doing in our respective homes and laughed all day!

Author: Aradhana Sinal
Source: Quora

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