How does insurance work if someone hits your car? Do you call your insurance or theirs?

  • In order to have a choice, you must have collision/comprehensive coverage. If you only have liability coverage your insurance company won’t help unless the other guy, or his insurance company, claims that you are at fault. The lawyer your company hires to defend you would only try to prove you were not at fault. The lawyer may not file a counterclaim to recover damages for you.
  • If you have a choice you may trust your insurance company more than the other guy’s company. While you will have to advance your deductible, it may be worth it to you to avoid the hassle of dealing with the other company if it has a bad reputation.
  • There are some unscrupulous people who lie, cheat, and worse; and they drive cars and work for insurance companies. If one of them runs into you they may lead you down the garden path for weeks or even months before denying liability and claiming you are at fault. By then your own insurance company may deny coverage because you failed to promptly notify them.
  • You may also have paid for coverage for an under-insured driver, and if there is any chance that you may need that coverage you would need to notify your company immediately.
  • If you have serious injuries and will be looking for a lot of money you should hire a lawyer and let the lawyer deal with both insurance companies

Author: John Josephs
(Been a Lawyer Off and On, currently retired)
Source: Quora

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