Have the AMBER Alerts on mobile phones helped find any missing children?

On February 22th, 2015, a 6-year-old girl named Kloe Rose Donohoo disappeared late at night in Corpus Christi (a town in Texas) along with the family van and a “male acquaintance” who was staying with her family. The man had kidnapped her and was suspected to be heading towards the Mexican border. Her family notified … Read more

How can AMBER alerts be improved?

Amber Alerts need to speed up and pictures would help. I have a few more ideas that I believe would make the system more effective, but first, off I have to address the comment that says ‘75% of children who are abducted are dead in the first 3 hours- that’s not true; the real fact … Read more

What is the origin of the Amber Alert?

It was created after the 1996 abduction and murder of 9-year-old Amber Hagerman. When a child is reported abducted, the alert is broadcast via television, radio, cell phone, the Internet, and even electronic billboards. The alert includes information about what the child and her possible abductor look like (if known), the clothing the child was … Read more