What are some facts about Hitler?

As a child Hitler’s father wanted him to become a government servant like him, but he hated that, and wanted to be an artist. In school his grades were extreme, in subjects that appealed to him he used to top the class, and he used to fail in subjects that didn’t appeal to him.

Then his father died, and finally he could become an artist., his mother loved him and supported that. Then his mother died due to illness, and he was left penniless. He wanted to get into Vienna academy, he sent his drawings to them, they rejected his proposal saying his aptitude was better for architecture.

He somehow lived working as a daily labourer, and used to starve because he wanted to buy a book, he didn’t make much money. In his early youth he used to believe that Democracy is the best institution, but then after he attended parlimentary sessions, he decided that dictatorship by a visionary person was the best.

Initially Hitler didn’t hate Jews, in Mein Kampf he wrote that initially for him the word Jew meant just a German of different faith. Then his opinion changed and he started to believe that his race was superior to others.

It was WW-I that turned out to be critical in making Hitler who he is today, Hitler fought in the war on the border, acting as a messenger, dangerous job because you had to face direct line of fire, then at the end of the war, when he was in his bunker there was a poisonous bomb thrown in his bunker, and he was taken to a doctor, he was in the hospital when Germany surrendered. It was a miracle he lived.

When he came out of hospital he had no job and he believed earnestly that the rulers of Germany had failed Germany and that they should have won the war, he from that day wanted to avenge the war, and then was the treaty of Versailles which humiliated Germany [sic mein kampf].

He went to his supervisor in military asking for a job there, but since there were restrictions on military strength he couldn’t help Hitler, he had a alternate job as a secret agent, they had noticed that a bunch of extremists had started to meet on a regular basis in some cafe. He asked Hitler to go there and report to him. Hitler went there, and he thought that what they said made sense, they talked about how they should take control of Germany and how they were patriotic. Hitler then started speaking at the meeting and due to his oratory gifts he was hailed.

Then slowly the meetings started to attract attention, and slowly the Nazi party emerged. Hitler took whatever supporters he had to the Parliament to overthrow the rulers. But he failed in his attempt and the police were ready for him, and they opened fire on the mob, amazingly he survived the firing without a scratch despite being in the front row!

Then he was jailed, and it was then that he wrote Mein Kampf Vol I, it is more Nazi manifesto than his life story. In his trial he spoke very well. Later he was released, now he was wiser and planned his activities properly.

His party contested elections, and thanks to the Great Depression, his party was able to win elections. He became the chancellor and then the dictator.

There were many attempts on his life, and he survived them, so he was under the false impression that he was sent by God to “cleanse” the human race. He had huge ego that lead to his demise, a series of strategic blunders he did resulted directly in Germany losing the WW-II.

Author: Suraj Patil
Source:  Quora

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