What are the top ten craziest facts you know in psychology?

  1. Psychopaths say “um” more frequently in order to appear like a normal person.
  2. It is incredibly easy to pass a Polygraph Test if you trick yourself into thinking that everything is fine and that everything you say is the truth, no matter what.
  3. When you lie, you may shake your head. This is your body saying that it doesn’t believe you.
  4. If someone accuses you and threatens you about wrongdoing relentlessly, you will eventually find that it is in your best interest to fess up to the crime, making you guilty of something you never did. This is a minor form of brainwashing.
  5. The closer you are in a relationship, the more you can read the other’s mind.
  6. We disregard our morals if a person of higher power takes responsibility for our actions. Essentially just obeying authority.
  7. 1/5 people in France have depression, making it the saddest country in the world.
  8. It is impossible to stay angry at a loved one. If you are able to do so for more than 3 days, then you may not love them.
  9. You never truly value a moment before it becomes a distant memory.
  10. Crying reduces stress and causes you to feel better.
  11. The people you most often think about are the ones you love or the ones who cause you pain.
  12. Music can bend and shape the way you see the world or life in general.
  13. Your favorite songs are decided by the emotional events you attach to them.
  14. Narcissists think they’re brilliant while most have a below-average IQ.
  15. Long periods of isolation may cause you to hallucinate, but they consist of mostly auditory hallucinations.
  16. Ignorance of your feelings causes them to swell and essentially just take over your thoughts.
  17. Fast-thinkers tend to have sloppy handwriting. Thoughts are fleeting, so they must be written down almost immediately.
  18. When choosing a romantic partner, look for how they treat their inferiors or pets. That says a lot about their nature.
  19. Speaking other languages may cause someone to shift their personality as well. (I am more secluded when speaking Spanish and more confident when I speak Italian.)
  20. We care more about the death of one than the death of many. It feels more personal when one human dies, yet when multiple perish, we feel as we don’t know any of them.
  21. Some people just love to see you angry. The solution? Relax the muscles in your face and watch as theirs visibly deflates.
  22. We believe what we WANT to believe.
  23. Extensive loneliness is just as bad as smoking 15 cigars.
  24. The human brain is always searching for a problem or a flaw. Perfection is always key for many, and some just can’t let it go.
  25. The more power you gain, the more empathy you lose.

Author: Lana Leornin
Source: Quora

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