What do real surgeons think of Grey’s Anatomy?

Grey’s anatomy is certainly one of the most beloved shows. I used to watch it even during my schooling so it actually helped me make my decision to be a doctor (Obviously not the only reason).

It actually fantasizes everything about the surgery and even the medical studies. This is not true at all. Many aspects of the residents’ lives were exaggerated or just plain incorrect. When I became a General Surgery resident myself this year, these discrepancies were even more obvious. After all, it’s a show and it has to sacrifice the realism to engage the audience.

It gets most irritating when we see their interns also getting into major surgeries like Neurosurgery and heart transplant. It’s never the case. In my first year, I was allowed only to operate minor cases (In residency). It’s impossible for interns to get hands-on such major surgeries. The first thing to learn in Surgery is how to make the first cut and how to suture which is actually a skill. Mostly the interns and first-year residents handle the pre and post-operative work like all the paperwork, Consent, preparing patients for surgery, etc.

I will not talk about the mistakes they make in Surgery after all they are actors and one cannot expect them to be scientifically correct.

And one more thing casual sex life. It’s more obvious when you are from India. How they actually manage everything love life, such major surgeries every day looks. One day neurosurgery the next day heart transplant. It’s never like that!

Anyways I am not here to criticize the show. It’s among the most loved shows and I used to love watching it!

Author: Sukriti Limaye
Source: Quora

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