What does a Shamrock shake from McDonald’s taste like?

It tastes like rolling hills, the spring breeze.

If you were to combine the sweetest of clouds with the mintiest plants, you would get The Shake.

You feel like you don’t need anything else because you have the Shamrock Shake.

The sweet nectar of The Shake you taste when you take a sip. It gets you hooked.

However, while it might be flavor heaven, it is also your curse. For when the machine breaks, so does your soul. Your precious Shake, gone.

However, to quote the famous poet Robert Frost “Nothing gold can stay.” As is with the Shamrock Shake, the pinnacle of golden. This is why it is only available in the springtime, for it is like the spring breeze.

Do I recommend this utter satisfaction?

Yes, but proceed with caution.

Author: Omar Hamdan
Source: Quora

If you have a sweet tooth, it will be like heaven!
Some say a shamrock shake tastes like “leprechaun tears, a little luck, and a pot of gold.” I don’t know what that means, but I’ll go with it.

The tastes that come from the shake are a mixture of mint and vanilla. The minty freshness helps to smooth out the creamy richness of the vanilla.

If you have ever had a Dairy Queen Blizzard, the shamrock shake is a little more liquidy (is that word?)
It is, after all, a milkshake!
I love them. And like Egg Nog, it helps that they are only available for a couple of months out of the year.

Author: Monty Salt
Source: Quora

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