What is the difference between an intelligent person and a wise person?

For an intelligent person, the Queen is the most powerful piece in the game of Chess

For he/she knows it can move in any direction (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) and is able to move any number of squares in the above said directions.

But a wise one knows , the most powerful ones are these little fellas

For he/she knows that even though they move only in one direction, one step at a time, they all have the potential to become a Queen , 8 of them

For an intelligent one, his/her game plan revolves around their strongest weapon , take that away and they are defenseless.

For a wise one, their strength is distributed among their experience, skill and identifying the next best set of weapons .

I have been playing Chess for more than 14 years (as a hobby), I can tell you that the opponent’s queen doesn’t bother me as much as the pawns! *Endgame*

Author: Srinivas Kattimani
Source: Quora

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