What is the difference between an intelligent person and a wise person?

Read this story.. and get to know.

Once two persons were sitting near a temple and were chit-chatting… It was getting dark and cloudy… By then another person came there and asked if he could join them. They said ‘oh with pleasure’.

They were talking as friends… Then.. it started to rain… They were stuck. The third guy felt hungry and told the other two… Oh, we too are hungry they said.

“He has 3 Rotis(Breads) and I have 5 Rotis – Let all of us share” – said the second guy. Then a question arose as to how to share 8 Rotis among three of them…

The first person suggested, “let’s make three pieces out of each roti.. Then we will have 24 pieces… we three can have 8 pieces each”.

Everyone liked the idea. They made 24 pieces and ate 8 pieces each and satisfied their hunger and all slept off.

In the morning the third person thanked the other two for allowing him to spend time with them and felt grateful to them for sharing Rotis and being helpful. Out of gratitude he gave 8 gold coins to them and left his way…

After he left, the first person said “ok, let’s share 4 coins each and let’s go”. The second person said, “since I shared 5 Rotis I should get 5 gold coins and you gave 3 Rotis you should get only 3 gold coins”.

Slowly the arguments grew and ended up in a big fight. They went to the Village Head for justice. The Head said, “leave the coins with me and I will think over and give judgment the next day”.

In the night God appears in the dream of the village head and asks him what justice he is going to deliver in the morning. The village head said that the second person’s stand of 5:3 appears logical to him.

To that, God smiled and said, ‘you did not carefully analyze their narration’. God said, “as per my justice first person must get only one gold coin.. and the second one must get 7 gold coins!!” The village head was surprised…!

God explained.. “the first person no doubt made nine pieces out of his three roles, but ate off 8 pieces himself.. and shared one piece only… And the second person made 15 pieces and gave away 7 pieces for sharing… Hence 1:7 sharing is My Justice…” The next day the village head accordingly delivered the justice and explained the rationale.

Who is intelligent.. and who is wise..?

Stay Blessed.

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Author: KamatAshok

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