Who deserves to win the Grammy 2021, BTS or Harry Styles?

Why is Harry Styles mentioned in this question?

“Dynamite” will compete with

  • “Un Dia (One Day)” by J Balvin,
  • Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny, and Rainy;
  • “Intentions” by Justin Bieber featuring Quavo;
  • “Rain On Me” by Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande;
  • and “Exile” by Taylor Swift featuring Bon Iver.

That’s the only category BTS are nominated in and Harry Styles isn’t one of the artists they’re against.

If I’m being honest their only genuine competition is Exile and everybody who knows the Grammys knows that’s true.

Taylor Swift was snubbed by the Grammys with her album Reputation so I feel like they want to give her a lot of wins with this one. Also, she deserves them bc Folklore is a masterpiece so it’s not like the Academy members will be doing charity. My heart has torn tho bc as a fellow Korean I really want BTS to bring home the award, I also think they might not get the chance to be nominated again so I would really like to see them reach this goal.

Also since Namjoon mentioned, in their Esquire Interview, the Grammys as being their last stop in their American journey I’m kind of curious to see where they’ll head at once they get one.

Unfortunately, I can’t lie and say that Dynamite is better than Exile, it just isn’t. We’re not talking about Balck Swan or Life Goes On, we’re talking about Dynamite, a pop song written and produced in English and sent to these Korean guys already ready to be performed… in English. Their “ only” participation was to… sing it. They did it amazingly but their participation in the creative process was non-existent. As for Exile Taylor wrote the song with Bon Iver (the other person who sings it) and with the participation of her boyfriend Joe Alwyn. So on one hand you have a song that was mainly written by the people that sings it without any outside help and on the other hand, a song that didn’t have any participation from the 7 artists that perform it.

I love BTS with all my heart but Dynamite isn’t even close to representing how talented they are. Actually, Namjoon is such a gifted lyricist that I’m kind of mad to see that his legacy will involve a song he didn’t participate in even tho he’s credited for almost all the songs in their discography (even the vocal line’s solos).

So who deserves it? Taylor Swift and Bon Iver with Exile

Which song do I want to see win? Just bc Taylor has so many nominations in the main categories and bc I want BTS to move on to something else I kind of want Dynamite to win.

Overall as long as Taylor or BTS win I’ll be happy. Unfortunately, I know damn well that if BTS wins most Taylor Swift fans will be happy for them or won’t care but Army is going to go on a bullying spree if Taylor Swift wins. As someone who loves both artists, I might stay away from Twitter on January 31st.

Author:  SooA R
Source: Quora

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