Why is Duke men’s basketball so good?

History: Duke has been a power in college basketball since Trinity College became Duke University. It won its 1000th game in 1974 and has won 5 NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball championships. Young men seeking a professional career in basketball can be sure that they will be well prepared for the NBA, and their playing for Duke will be given them exposure.

Coaching: Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski is one of the most successful college coaches of all time. He runs a clean program. At the beginning of the current season, 23 active NBA players were products of the Duke Program. He is demanding of his players, but also supportive of them. Players who graduate from Duke (almost all do) have degrees that are useful on a resume if the player is not selected for the NBA, and most college players, even at top schools, are not. There are no classes in underwater basket weaving at Duke.

Reputation: Duke is one of the teams that is automatically considered at the beginning of every season as in contention for a conference, regional, or national championship. Cameron Indoor Stadium, a comparatively small facility where students camp out in tents in order to get the limited number of student admissions available, is a great deal of fun for the audience, and good training in withstanding pressure for the visiting team

Author: Jim Wayne

Source: Quora

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