I have approved home equity loan. Can I use this loan to buy another property?

You bet. And that is a good strategy. Once you find a property you want to buy you can make an “all cash” offer. This is attractive and motivating to the seller because they know that you have the money and you can close on the property quickly. They see $$ in their eyes. Also, if you are comfortable with the property, you can skip the appraisal process. That will save a few hundred $$. You can also skip the inspection process if you want, but I wouldn’t do that. I want a professional to search for hidden expensive defects before I put down big money to buy the property.

To make it even more motivating to the seller you can do an all-cash, 14 days to closing with a 10% immediate deposit. You attach a check for 10% of the purchase price to your offer and state that acceptance of the check indicates acceptance of the offer. This is very very motivating to a seller. Who doesn’t find it hard to avoid cashing a check for $25K or so when it lands in their lap. Offers like this typically beat out traditional offers that are subject to a mortgage acceptance.

Before you do it, though, run the numbers and make sure your cash flows can support your paying back the loan.

Author: Hayden Burrus
Source: Quora

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