I’m planning to buy a house with a home loan, but don’t have savings for down payment. What are some suggestions?

There are incentive programs for first-time home buyers to encourage homeownership with little or nothing down.

Identify an area you want to buy in to get an idea of sales price, property taxes, HOA fees (if they apply), etc. Or you use a particular home or two as examples.

Then contact a lender with these assumptions. He or she will give you an idea of your buying power and/or what you need to do to improve your credit if necessary.

This is valuable info to help you acquire a pre-approval for a loan when you need it and understand what programs you qualify for, interest rates, the cost of PMI (private mortgage insurance), homeowners insurance, and monthly costs.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) study in 2019 – 32% of first-time home buyers received money from family for their home and the median amount down was 6%.

Good luck!

Author: Allan Kolins
Source: Quora

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