I want to go on world tour what should I do?

Here are some things you should do :

  1. Stop dreaming, start working hard to save money.
  2. Make so much money that you should be satisfied with the amount you have! (You know, it’s gonna be expensive)
  3. Source out the locations you wanna go to.
  4. Plan your travel itinerary.
  5. Take the help of the agency or online sites. Scout for best deals & search for prices that different outfits offer you.
  6. Get All the necessary cleared before heading out.
  7. Make sure to head out with a calm & composed mind only then you will be able to enjoy.
  8. Have a ready mindset that you might not get what you want every time at every place! (Food, stay) the standards may differ.
  9. Be ready to adjust. Because you are coming out of your comfort zone.
  10. Plan it so nicely, and also keep buffer plans if something goes wrong.


Source: Quora

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