How much time and money would a world tour cost for a single person?

Ok. After reading your question, I can easily judge that you haven’t even started researching on the world tour yet. So, I will quickly assume that you are planning to visit all the major destinations – worth-see places across all continents including Antarctica and want to experience all the popular must-do the world has on … Read more

I want to go on world tour what should I do?

Here are some things you should do : Stop dreaming, start working hard to save money. Make so much money that you should be satisfied with the amount you have! (You know, it’s gonna be expensive) Source out the locations you wanna go to. Plan your travel itinerary. Take the help of the agency or … Read more

What are the expenses for a world tour?

This is a pretty open-ended question for multiple reasons. It is not possible to see all places on the planet in a lifetime, to be frank. You can travel like a king or like a backpacker – So, costs vary considerably How much time do you have for this trip? – Slower modes of transport … Read more