Is Andy Dalton a good QB?

Good is relative. He’s not Drew Brees good. But he’s better than Mitch Trubisky good. And while we dog on certain QB’s remember, there are only 32 starting QB’s in the NFL. He’s been one of them for a good few years. He’s gone to the playoffs.

He’s not singly the reason that his team has lost those playoff games. The Bengals have had decent but not great teams. They had a nice run where they were making the playoffs but not getting over the hump of winning a playoff game. Now the situation is different. Baltimore is very good. Pittsburgh is currently regularly a contender. Even Cleveland has improved itself. Cincy needed changes. They got rid of Marvin Lewis a season ago, now they are letting Dalton go. Sad, but it’s the right thing to do.

Is he good enough to play in this league still? Yes. Is he better than most teams’ starters? Hard to say. Every division has at least one team with a questionable starter. Dalton is known, but he probably falls into that questionable category.

Author: Tony Twillie
Source: Quora

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