Why do people think that 3:00 AM is the scary hour?

3:00 AM. For the first time, I went to a big commission market to buy goods in large quantities at 3.00 AM. Believe me, at midnight, nearly 300 people working very hard in the market, and folks were busy buying stuff. There were a commotion and enthusiasm all over the place. No sign of sleepiness in everyone’s face. People were busy unloading and loading up goods for adjacent districts. Tonnes of goods had been transported to various districts daily at midnight 3.00 AM. So I thought about it that sometimes we felt so scared at 3.00 AM in our abodes, where dim lights glittering from the ceiling and mild murky darkness enveloped our room and we don’t even endeavor to walk to the bathroom alone just because of fear which made our bladder full. On the other side, somebody felt scared at 3.00 AM and somebody was working hard to sell vegetables at the same time. The matter which we could infer is, fear is just an illusion that our brain creates. Fear is nothing but a cautious warning on bad stuff which causes us bad experience.

So 3.00 AM isn’t a scary hour. It just an hour where you can feel the real freshness of whirling wind and the feel of loneliness would make you think absurd. Yes, absurd, because if one might be supposed to roam around the streets lonely at 3.00 AM where stray dogs accompany you in the everlasting long avenue, then one thinks beyond the universe, from where do we come, why all humans aren’t same, why do humans die, what happens after death, like this so many questions would be piqued by a person’s mind like me.

I believe in no God but I believe in Energy. This is what, the greatest scientist, Nikola Tesla thought so.

We (humans) were made of energy. You know, energy can neither be created nor be destroyed which you studied in your 8th grade, remember? Likewise, We (energy) can be converted into another form, we can die but not our soul (energy). The matter and antimatter which made up the whole eternal universe is energy. It’s the particles with enormous energy. When the energy in an object becomes zero which is physically impossible then the mass of that object also becomes zero again it’s impossible. Our human brain is a 3-dimensional object which could fathom 3-dimensional matters only. Something was beyond our knowledge, apart from our thinking, we couldn’t even think about it as we were 3-dimensional beings. And that something stuff is considered as Divine or evil energy. Divine power is considered as God whereas Evil power is considered as Ghosts or demons. You have to think well rationally to understand the concept. You can be a God devotee or worshipper of Satan, nevermind, think about energy. Humans discovered nothing that lacks energy.

Energy can be good or bad depending upon you. This is where the law of attraction comes into the subject. If you attract good energy, you feel good and blessed. If you attract bad energy, you feel bad and possessed.

At the midnight, some people attract good energy at 3.00 AM and some people attract bad energy at 3.00 AM. So when you feel scary, eerie, creepy, possessed, think about goodness made yourself filled with goodness.

Think about it, stay good attract good.

Author: Andrews Trevor
Source: Quora

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