What is the most mysterious monument in the world that nobody has managed to explain yet?

Dighton Rock was originally located in the Taunton River in Berkley, Massachusetts. It was partly covered at high tide and has since been moved to a museum. The rock is covered with petroglyphs, the origins of which remain unresolved. The rock is 5 feet high 9–1/2 feet wide and 11 feet long. It originally faced … Read more

The Hotak Empire was an extremely short-lived and least known empire

The Hotak Empire was an extremely short-lived empire. However, I would not really call it weak. As it did manage to defeat the Safavid Empire of Persia. The Hotak Empire is one of the least known empires because of how short-lived it was. This dynasty only ruled for 29 years. Out of which, it existed … Read more

What are/were the worst jobs in history?

In ancient Egypt, there was a sacred duty, which was to ensure the pharaoh’s health. And if the Pharaoh ever had the feeling that he had eaten too much or had intestinal problems, he only had to have his anus guard called. This “proctologist” dealt with all problems related to hemorrhoids on the one hand, … Read more