What are/were the worst jobs in history?

In ancient Egypt, there was a sacred duty, which was to ensure the pharaoh’s health.

And if the Pharaoh ever had the feeling that he had eaten too much or had intestinal problems, he only had to have his anus guard called.

This “proctologist” dealt with all problems related to hemorrhoids on the one hand, and on the
another hand, his job was to empty the Pharaoh’s bowels when he had ingested more food than he could take in to facilitate digestion.

The guardian of the sacred anus then inserted a golden cannula into it and blew hot water through the cannula into the divine rear gate.

Not only the pharaohs used this technique.
It has also been shown that many people in ancient Egypt did the same. Only, instead of a golden cannula, they used hollow rods to pump water into their intestines.

Author: Connie Andrea Zechmann
Source: Quora

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