What is the brutal truth about relationships?

  1. One will be the taker and the other the giver. The one who takes will always take. The one who gives will always give. At times the roles might switch but usually, it remains the same.
  2. If the person has no respect for you they will say and do what they want without regard for your thoughts or feelings.
  3. If you have expectations you will always be disappointed. So do yourself a favor and do not have any ever.
  4. Most people have an agenda.
  5. When someone doesn’t want to talk to you right then give them the space they need. Forcing interaction is never a good thing.
  6. Some people no matter how much you love them will not return that love. Learn from the experience and go on with your life.
  7. Most people are not thankful or notice what you do for them until you stop doing things for them.
  8. The people that matter has stuck by you in your darkest of times.
  9. The partner that is in it for the long haul will always try to work things through no matter how painful or difficult it is.
  10. Always match their effort. If they are attentive be attentive, if they are barely there then you do the same.
  11. If someone only wants to text you online and never makes any plans to see you. Know this is all the relationship will ever be. You’re a time filler and you are not the only one they text. If you are looking for something more, move on. Unless it is physically impossible to see them face to face or for some other extenuating circumstance.
  12. Do not let anyone waste your time. Once the time is gone it’s gone forever.
  13. Leave the past in the past, people change sometimes drastically over the years. In other words, do not think the person you knew then is the same person now.
  14. Pay attention to more of what a person does than says. Words are just that words and at times have little to do with the facts of what is really happening.
  15. Never base a relationship on what-ifs. Look at the interaction for what it really is now. It may never move past this point.
  16. When someone tells you they do not want a relationship, believe them. If a relationship is what you are looking for then move on. This person for whatever reason is not open to it right now or ever. If you stay know that more than likely you will be disappointed, hurt, and never satisfied.
  17. You cannot love anyone if you do not love yourself. Meaning does not do anything for someone you would not do for yourself first. It’s OK to have boundaries in any relationship.
  18. Somethings are better left unsaid. Not everyone appreciates brutal honesty, especially if it’s going to crush them or cause emotional upheaval. Always think it through first. Speak in a tactful way and never deliberately hurt someone. You can never take back what has been said.
  19. People will always be the best they will ever be to you in the beginning. So if someone is treating you like shit it’s only going to go downhill from there.
  20. If there is no attraction it’s not going to work in a romantic relationship. I am not saying it is based solely on looks either. What I am saying is there has to be something about them that you find appealing enough to transition from friends to lovers.
  21. People are going to hurt you in some form at some point in your life. You will get over it in time.

Author: J R Taggart
Source: Quora

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