What are the best romantic relationship tips?

The best tips for romantic relationships are different for different people.
but these are some which I think good for a romantic relationship:

  • Compliment each other: when you feel for someone praise them when they did something extra even a little wow, new dress awesome. will make your day.
  • Be honest with each other: Be honest try to share your thoughts and plans towards life and easily express your feelings and ideas so you get an honest viewpoint from another one. Be honest but don’t be rude.
  • Watch movies/Series together: Watch movies late at night and make something to eat at night while watching. it will bring an amazing friendship with each other.
  • Bring small surprise gifts: A simple rose, a candy, chocolate, fav muffin, cake, whatever the other one like bring something it will make a new excitement when someone waiting for you and hope what you could bring today, it seems childish but it will make your relationship more interesting.
  • Express your love: Express your feelings don’t be shy. Holding hands, long drive, singing songs for each other, bend on knees for her, cook his favorite food. Do what you want to do for the love of your life. do in the way as you were passionate and crazy in your early days of college and school. Express yourself.
  • Gossip with each other: Try to discuss some gossiping, not in the harsh or cunning way just a healthy one like ” Mr. X in my office did something funny today” it will ease you two and let other one communicate too (but don’t get carried away )
  • Forget and Forgiveness: Forget things and forgive each other. As we did with our siblings no matter how big the fight was but it will over in a max of 2 hours and we be best buddies as Always. Be like it, fight but makeup with each other by a smile\good food\texting sorry\smiley\chocolate. Don’t stretch fights it will curse your relation, so avoid dragging things fight and solve it if not get solved then get a solution or find a middle way. Don’t make any grudges: Don’t bring grudges in between each other. Put Past in Past and Future in Future live in Present.
  • Accept each other the way you are: Accept each other as you two are and try to involve in new things which will lead you two in freshness like a trip to hiking, a place where you two wanted to go, a match, a movie, or wherever you want to try to find the time and go for it.
  • Play games with each other and challenge each other: to bring the child inside you, play games together indoor/outdoor. challenge and punishments should be there like if I win you will do the dishes/bring a cake for me/prepare ppt of how good your wife/husband is ( it will be really funny and awesome one)/do ten push-ups/ you will not use phone till morning and many more. so, your relationship grows and you feel so comfy.
  • Be Dare Devils: Do something which you two both like to do. like watch Batman Movie marathon/run so fast/ride a bicycle and chase each other and anything you think as a dare and do it.
  • Plan for Surprise Dates: You have to plan some surprise dates for yourselves, like favorite homemade food with candlelight/dinner at a fancy restaurant/dinner at garden area whatever you want but do some effort and do it because you love to do.
  • Have some music: start your day with some energetic songs and don’t try to wake up the other one as torture let them wake up by soft music, a soft voice of yours, or the smell of tea/breakfast.IF someone getup with a smile it will make their day beautiful. And will always feel very good when you two greet each other with lovely wishes a simple good morning/good night/have a great day will bring happiness to your relationship.
  • Never bring the third person in between Don’t bring the third person in between your relation, there are some secrets which belong to you two don’t discuss that with someone outside you two. have some privacy in this.
  • Be a Listener: Try to listen and observe your better half. What s/he try to tell you. Listen about their dreams, plans, feelings towards the other. Don’t be judgmental try to understand why they feel this way.
  • Give some space to each other: Give some space to each other. Let her have some shopping with her besties and let him have fun with his friends. Maintain and respect each other’s privacy and personal space.

These are some ways to make your life and relationship with some extra spark because if you are the best buddy of your loved one then you two have the best romantic relationship. Be happy and don’t take life too seriously. Enjoy every moment. Forget what you did for the other and remember what the other one did for you.
Respect each other, Praise each other and treat each other nicely.
Thanks for A2A.

Author: Neha Dixit

Source: Quora

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