Why do you think most relationships fail?

When two persons start-up in a relationship, there is always a honeymoon period when that honeymoon period is over the reality rises up and reality is that most of the relations are not based on what we say is love it is just based on liking, Today people don’t know what is the real meaning of a relation.

Everyone is so practical in this world and I should why someone should not be practical in life but at the same time, one should not forget that it’s not always about being practical. A relation stands on emotions and today people don’t care about what if a relation gets over, they just move on as nothing happened.

Next thing is that every relationship is successful if two people are compatible for each other and what compatibility today is talking to someone for hours judging them by what their thoughts are but no one looks that how other person will react when they are in an actual situation. Will the same output would be there?

Trust – An aspect on which many relations are based on. It is written that it takes a long time to build trust and just a blink of an eye to break it and it is correct with the possessiveness people are possessing for their partner’s trust is just now a reason to say it’s all over.

Understanding – Everyone has bad days and the real understanding is not when two people are just talking about love or even making but it’s about can you really understand someone why he or she is quiet? He or she might want to share but is just hesitating to tell anyone?

Okay, I will give you what happened a few months back:-

A few months back, two of my friends started dating each other and they clearly thought that there is a lot of understanding and trust in them and they are going to soon be a trendsetter or you can #CoupleGoals.

Then my friend say Rahul(I can’t tell the real names as they will be annoyed) he faced some bad time or some bad days like he acted like being happier from outside and always unhappy and thinking about a lot of stuff.

One day his girlfriend called him and this was the conversation :

  • Boy – hello! How are you?
  • Girl – Hi babe! I am all good just missing you a lot what about you how was ur day?
  • Boy – It was fine just some office stuff u know
  • Girl – See I wanted to talk to u about something .. like is everything right because u r not meeting me, not talking properly from past few days
  • Boy – no No it’s totally fine just u know a bit of office work and nothing more and we will meet I can leave this work like that
  • Girl – So now work really matters to you and I don’t write. If you have someone else why don’t you tell me on my face?
  • Boy – There is no one, I just had work to do we will talk later
  • Girl – Okay you continue your work because things are not working between us, we are breaking up.
  • Boy – But why? This sudden
  • Girl – No just Bye

This was the conversation between them and they just broke up like that, hadn’t she made some efforts to know what the real problem was, what was the stress that took him so apart from her, but no one asked him properly and he slowly went into depression because of this. One can understand the stuff we are talking but surely one must understand the emotions

Adjustment – Everyone has a lot of self-respect and confidence in them but what they do not know is the difference between self-respect and ego and that is why a relationship fails because people don’t want to adjusts. Agar wo nhi kar rha toh mai kyu kar rha hun(If he is not doing the stuff why should I do). Every relation works after making a lot of adjustments and most important is that if someone can’t adjust there relation might fail,

Relationships are not built by two people just meeting and falling in love and then they get married and this is all filmy stuff but the real truth there is trust, understanding, and adjustments that no one wanted. Sometimes after we are over with the honeymoon period things fall apart from each other and relation starts to fade away and if not properly taken care of they just fail up.

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Author: Sambhav
Source: Quora

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