What marks the difference between a good looking guy and an extremely good looking guy?

Physical features

  • extremely good looking guys:
    • Strong jawline
    • Not too skinny or muscly doesn’t really matter
    • Long lashes
    • Fluffy/ curly hair
    • Nice eyes
    • Good fashion
    • Straight teeth
    • Roman nose
    • Strong cheekbones
    • Not much body hair
  • Good looking guys:
    • Defined face shape and/ or jawline
    • Nice eyes
    • Cute smile
    • Dark eyelashes
    • Decent body shape
    • Clean hair
    • Cute nose

Personality features

  • extremely good looking guys:
    • Not too cocky, but cocky in a funny/ sweet way
    • Mysterious, but not creepy
    • Sweet, a gentleman
    • Doesn’t expect you to do anything for him just because he’s nice to you or is good looking
    • Doesn’t pick fights
    • Isn’t so jealous that it’s obsessive but jealous in a protective way
    • Doesn’t try to control you or who you talk to
    • Is funny and light-hearted
    • Doesn’t subtly insult you or blatantly insult you
    • Is confident in himself
    • Doesn’t try to take your independence from you, but still does sweet things like open the door or carry heavy bags or something
  • Good looking guys:
    • Sweet, isn’t obsessed with his looks or your looks
    • Doesn’t try to control you and your time
    • Isn’t jealous or obsessive
    • Makes a good first impression
    • Doesn’t try too hard
    • Doesn’t expect anything from you just because he’s nice or good looking
    • Isn’t rude to people just because he’s jealous or defensive
    • Isn’t insecure (obviously insecurity is normal I just mean not so insecure that they constantly need approval from you)
    • Is funny, and generally kind
  • (Extra) Unattractive personality features
    • Feels entitled to sex or someone’s number or affection just because they’re nice to them
    • Shame/ bully other people and play it off saying “it’s just a joke”
    • Acts like they’re better than you or your friends
    • Blames everyone but themselves for problems they made
    • Hurts (physically or verbally) someone as a way to shift their own feelings
    • Men who are so insecure in their masculinity that they are against lgbtq+, hugging the same sex, enjoying typically feminine things, acting like feminism is the end of the world, feels the need to prove their manliness by fighting or insulting ‘threats’ etc
    • Only talks about themselves
    • Blames women for their lack of success in dating instead of their personalities
    • Can’t distinguish the difference between “offensive” and “joking”
    • Homophobic, sexist, transphobic, xenophobic, generalist, etc
    • Uptight and rude
    • Tries to control you, who you talk to and where you go

That’s from my point of view, and most other women. So yeah that’s that

Author: Emily Grey

Source: Quora

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