What was Barack Obama‘s pettiest moment as president?

I only mention it because I believe it was the night Donald Trump decided to make a serious run for President of the United States.

At the time, it was hilarious. President Obama, speaking at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011, tore into the head of the “birther” conspiracy, Donald J. Trump. It was shortly after Obama had released his “long-form” birth certificate, hoping to put an end to Trump’s test the gullibility of the American people and their willingness to believe demonstrably false allegations and conspiracies. (Look how that turned out, folks!)

The CSPAN coverage places a camera on Trump expressly for his reaction shots, framed as a small man surrounded by dozens of people staring, laughing, and pointing at him. For ten minutes, Barack Obama mocks Trump mercilessly as the future President-lite grins like an idiot and nods gently, rocking back and forth like the impotent imbecile he is when not surrounded by enablers and the armor of the presidency.

It was WONDERFUL. An entire room of the hated media elite laughed AT him for fifteen minutes. But I believe that was when Donald Trump decided he would put into action his slow-burn plan to run for President. It wouldn’t happen in 2012 because the infrastructure wasn’t in place and Donald had a lot to learn or pay others to learn for the 2016 race. He was probably told he had no chance against Obama anyway and should wait for a decisive Democrat generally disliked by a majority of Americans.

Fast forward to 2016 and the pettiness of that stomping, combined with the attempted anointment of Hillary Clinton by the DNC, led to the GOP fumbling its way through a carnival of idiots in which only DONALD friggin’ TRUMP emerged standing tall like George Milton walking out of a Men’s Wearhouse in a fresh suit.

So, I believe Barack Obama’s victory lap over the King of the Birthers led to all of America suffering his pup wagging administration for four long years.

Author: Rudyard Myers
Source: Quora

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