Why do people wear ripped jeans?

It’s all about fashion or you can read the other perspective below

In 1900s jeans was a popular wearable among labourers simply because it was quite robust. So those who use to do hard tasks prefer jeans.

Ok, so why people are now buying ripped jeans right from the fashion store. See there us a very hidden belief among many people that cloths shape your mood. The mood of the person wearing it. But why people believe such a strange thing. Well if you are wearing it others should be affected by it, then why you? Well, such people believe that we live in a conscious world where everything is conscious and is affected by imaginary forces.

Let me explain this: They believe that if you will wear a very good dress which attracts others then their behaviour with you will be more gentle and kind. This behaviour will make you feel good as well. So they believe most of the people behave by how you look and what you wear. Probably they are right. A person dressed in rags will be mistaken as poor or even a beggar. People will try to avoid him and he will feel lonely. Ok so why people are wearing ripped jeans, isn’t that also a symbol of poverty. Well, not actually.

Such people believe that it represents a hard-working civilised person. Hardworking because his jeans is ripped and civilised because it’s as clean as new. So in this way, people will treat them as a hardworking honest person and it will make them feel better. But is he really hardworking and honest?

Well, he is actually not. He is just trying to feel so because he is actually very lazy and uncivilised, but he cannot get rid of this habit. He is trapped in his mind. So it is possible that some counsellor suggested him this trick. To use other attention to feel better. He is actually taking the help of your attention for free, to feel good. Never believe such guys, their reality is very ugly.

Author: Manish Rai
Source: Quora

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